2 may. 2016

Most famous fictional scientists I. Novels

Science and technology have had influence in the author’s minds to create wonderful characters in their novels. And sometimes the stories even precede the future. Let’s see some of them:

From Frankestein
Victor Frankestein is obsessed with life’s creation. After his studies of chemistry, electricity and dissection in the university and based on Cornelius Agrippa’s and Albert Magnu’s work, he decides to carry on an experiment. His goal: to create the life. The result: the creation of a monster.

25 feb. 2016

Mad about polyhedra III

In this virtual or real world, there are so many people and so many stories.

A certain day, the artist Dan Sternof decided to discover a wood dodecahedron inside a tree trunk in front of his house. When the winter had come, he decided to leave snow dodecahedra to improve the city landscape!

14 ene. 2016

The caged polyhedron

The ideas were coming to my mind as rolling spheres.
But the spheres became cubes as the ice cubes that are stored in the fridge, waiting.

The time ran and ran too fast. The seconds became minutes and hours in a 19-hours day that lasted an instant and a 5-hours insomnia night fighting to rest.

Writting became a necessity and an impossible task. One day after another. The months passed with other thoughts in the mind. The polyhedron was stored in a box over the vitrine full of dusty glasses. Sometimes there was a bright ray in the box and some words used to fall as water drops. But the polyhedron remained caged because the glass remained empty.

Fortunately, this is a rolling world that let me to clean the glasses and the ceramic figures shining with the sun.

I have put the polyhedron out of its box waiting the it can be outside for a while…

7 nov. 2014

Mad about polyhedra II

In the childhood we learn about some simple 3D geometric figures like de pyramids and prisms. Even most of us build our own polyhedron shapes for homework in the primary school. However with the time, most of the people forget the existence of polyhedra. But it happens that one day in certain moment due to a strange cause you will find again a polyhedron and you will not let it go.
This situation happened to the chemist engineer Henry Chasey who decided to build its own fantastic polyhedra after seeing the Kepler’s platonic model in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos tv program. Therefore, since the 1980’s, Chasey built a huge collection of melted acrylic polyhedra.


5 jul. 2014

Famous people that studied sciences IV

With the suggestions of our readers, we have added new famous people related with science:

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany and one of the most recognized woman of the planet, studied physics in the University of Leipzig. She obtained her PhD and worked in chemistry in the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry in Berlin. After this, she became a politician, you know.

8 jun. 2014

Mad about polyhedra I

There are people in this world who do not know polyhedra yet.
But, on the other hand, there are people who someday know polyhedral and after this moment they will never let them go…

30 abr. 2014

Counting numbers

I was a child when I had the question: till what number we can count?
Today I know that there is an infinite set of numbers but my question still remains with a little change: how many of the numbers have a name?