19 may. 2017

Famous people that studied science VI

Yes, more famous people related to science world!

Rowan Atkinson studied electric engineering in the Newcastle University in England and later he earned a Master degree at the Queen College. Yes, you know, the engineer Atkinson is the famous Mr. Bean!

7 feb. 2017

Mad about time III. Time machines.

In a recent movie about H.G. Wells’ novel ‘The time machine’ there is a scene where the main actor is asking a virtual librarian about time travel and time machines. The holographic projection with an incredible registers of all the human history answer him that those things are only possible for science fiction. However, there have been real time machines in human history despite of the science fiction record and moreover, it has been believed that real time travel have existed and even some scientific project could be make real the time travel.

7 ene. 2017

The 6th of January present

The first days of January had passed slowly after the crazy days of December. The children were still in holidays as well as their dad. Thus, he decided to carry them outside to see everything not seen in the last month.

Jonathan worked till the 16th of December when he received his salary and his bonus. He was so happy. Then he rested the remaining days of the month converted in a summary of visits to the family, friends and Christmas events including the food, of course. Susana was with him when she could. The other days she stayed at home cooking tons of food that were kept in containers to be eaten during the end of December and the beginning of January when she could rest.

30 nov. 2016

Famous people that studied sciences and mathematics V

Continuing with people linked to science we have the following list:

Pope Francisco, the Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, had a bachelor degree in chemistry. Well, he decided to follow other way din’t it?

19 oct. 2016

Powers of 10

I always thought to write this post when the visits of my blog in Spanish arise to 100,000. Today I opened it and had 101,365 visits in the Spanish versión and 18,396 in the English version, a total of more than 105 and 104 visits, each one. However the powers of 10 of this post don’t refer to the mathematical numbers but the people who have passed till here.

9 jul. 2016

Personality and learning

From the year of 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of the medicine talked about the origin of the personality. He believed that four humours were the origin of the human personality: according to him, black bile produces a melancholic person, the yellow one (adrenaline) produces irritable and nervous people, the phlegm (a fluid from the mucosa) was related with relax people and blood with optimistic beings. Despite the centuries elapsed since then, the thoughts and research of Hippocrates have repercussion in modern medicine and his theories about human personality are still used in education systems of today world. Nevertheless, there are other theories concerning about the personality and learning with other classifications.

2 may. 2016

Most famous fictional scientists I. Novels

Science and technology have had influence in the author’s minds to create wonderful characters in their novels. And sometimes the stories even precede the future. Let’s see some of them:

From Frankestein
Victor Frankestein is obsessed with life’s creation. After his studies of chemistry, electricity and dissection in the university and based on Cornelius Agrippa’s and Albert Magnu’s work, he decides to carry on an experiment. His goal: to create the life. The result: the creation of a monster.