Mad about time II. Time travel to the past.

We live in a vertex of past and future time cones. We have seen the past and we know that we will see a part of the future. We even know that is possible to travel to the future but the question is: can we travel to the past?


Mad about time I. Time travel to the future

The concept of the time is something that is with us during all our life. We are born, we grow and we die… all the time with the time than seems to run in one direction with the same speed.
But, can it be possible to change its direction or to increase its speed? I mean. Can we travel to the past or to the future?


Waiting for something extraordinary…

Christmas came and also the days that passed too fast. Last year did not allow us to go to carol concerts, to visit belens neither to see the decorations or the theatre plays… this year was the same.
The city was crowded. Christmas time started since September with the commercial promotions in the stores full of Christmas products. TV was full of commercials as well. Everything to make you well among mobiles, computers, houses, insurances, trips… everything for Christmas happiness except the Christmas and the happiness.



Astronomical games III. The Sun and planetary skies

In two last entries, everything about solar system scales, sizes of the sun and the planets, distances from the planets to the sun and characteristics about their composition and their skies. However, how big is the sun in every planetary sky?


The price of the color

During the night the eyes are dilated in order to try to see the objects around. All the things are in gray scale from light gray to black. There are no colors or at least, it seems to be like that.

In the next day, the rays from the sun allow us to see the colors. The balance between the light absorption and reflection of the objects let them to have a color. The color depends of the place of the world and also of the season. Nevertheless, paint a color is another story.


How big is the world?

In English language class in the United Kingdom, with people from other countries, we were asked to draw a map of the world. And also, we were asked to write the names of some countries in English.

The map of a mate was like this:

For her the world had 4 countries. Sorry… I mean 3 countries and the sea.


Resting a little bit

I went down to the living room using those pink stairs that resemble stones. There was nobody in the house. Like those years when the family used to go out… to buy something, to eat in some place or only to go because they wanted to leave.