13 jul. 2018

And suddenly, you look out...

A face appears on the bright screen of a computer as if it was the same. But its heart has stopped beating. - It is asleep - is the thought of the most optimistic people. One of those days it will be reborn in the light of a new technology. But the pessimists think that its digital life has gone forever.

The files collected in many navigations trough strange seas in a world parallel to the human one. Images and written documents whose content may never will be read again. There is a mourning  when someone dies. It lasts months and sometimes even years ... sometimes a whole life. But what happens when the virtual life disappears? The loss is different from facing. It's hard but strange to know what happened when you felt something so alive and suddenly dies but it was not alive actually.

A failure of the electric light like a shock that accelerates the heart rate and suddenly stops it. A fall that destroys everything. A hard disk that exists but at the same time disappears. The information contained among its clues: disappeared forever ... or perhaps it is asleep.

And suddenly, you look out, small piece of geometric symmetry, as if to say that you are still alive.

19 dic. 2017

Guadalupe Reyes Marathon and other races for the end of the year

Guadalupe Reyes Marathon is a name given to the time period between December 12 and January 6 (or even till February 2). This is not a proper athletic race but a metaphoric race related with a period of religious and traditional celebrations and frenetic shopping.

3 nov. 2017

Fashion and the statistical mode

What is the fashion for this season?

Do you know that this is related with the statistical mode?

Year after year there are famous catwalks about the new proposals for the clothing fashion world. Paris, Rome and New York are the leaders of the fashion trends in the world. So if you like to be a fashion follower you must follow the trends of those cities for each season of each year. But you know that fashion is a business and has to follow real trends. What are the things that the majority of the people in this world follow to dress? Well, that is the field of the statistical mode.

11 oct. 2017

Science: when serious names are not enough in Mathematics

Hearing about mathematics could be a sign of grief and sorrow. Generally around the world, mathematics has been a tortuous topic because since the early grades. In Spanish, there is a song that says: mathematics is the science which breaks your patience…
So how could be funny talk about names in mathematics?
Well, let me tell you about that. There are some mathematical functions with plots that resemble to funny or weird things and had been named in honor of those things.
For example, have you heard about the popcorn function?

25 jul. 2017

Weird scientific celebrations

Some time ago when I revised my niece’s homework I explained her how to obtain the perimeters and areas of some plane geometric figures. There was no problem in the calculations of the square, rectangle and triangle areas. But the problem was the calculation of the circle’s area because of the number pi. How to explain pi to her? In those days, she hasn’t seen even the decimal numbers and notation (those things about the decimal point and the cyphers on the right). It was really difficult to make her understand those numbers and to explain her pi and the perimeter and area formulas. However some scientific celebrations helped me and I would like to tell you about them.

19 may. 2017

Famous people that studied science VI

Yes, more famous people related to science world!

Rowan Atkinson studied electric engineering in the Newcastle University in England and later he earned a Master degree at the Queen College. Yes, you know, the engineer Atkinson is the famous Mr. Bean!

7 feb. 2017

Mad about time III. Time machines.

In a recent movie about H.G. Wells’ novel ‘The time machine’ there is a scene where the main actor is asking a virtual librarian about time travel and time machines. The holographic projection with an incredible registers of all the human history answer him that those things are only possible for science fiction. However, there have been real time machines in human history despite of the science fiction record and moreover, it has been believed that real time travel have existed and even some scientific project could be make real the time travel.