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The man on the street

The man on the street lives and sleeps. He sees sights with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. He does not worry if Earth’s rotation is the origin of day and night cycle. The man on the street spends his life through the years: Holydays and cold during the winter; the spring so full of flowers and hopes; the summer of the vacations; and the autumn plenty of leaves fall and calm. He does not think about the Earth’s translation around the Sun or about the inclination of the terrestrial axis.

The man on the street walks and sometimes he falls ill (although some of humans’ epidemics have happened every 11 years, he does not know that the solar cycle of 11 years as well).

While he walks, he contemplates the trees and their leaves, and also the tree trunks. While he walks, a countless number of particles coming from the galaxy fall around him. The man on the street sees the drops of rain when they fall down but he cannot see the products of the cosmic rays interactions that come from other corners of the universe.

The man on the street thinks that daily life is the one who influences his own life. He does not think in the warehouses of sulfates (caused by the cosmic rays) on the tree trunks that makes them grow with an 11-year periodicity. He does not know that trees keep a record of the solar activity for even until hundreds of years. He does not even think about the warehouses of beryllium in the glaciers that keep a record of thousands of years about solar activity.
The man on the street thinks. And when his brain thinks, he does not know about the 8-12 Hz rhythm of his brainwaves. Neither has he known about the frequency of worldwide thunderstorm resonance signals (Schumann resonances) close to brainwave frequencies.

Sometimes, the man of the street falls ill suddenly. His relatives and friends think about his life and the social circumstances. Sometimes, also, suddenly, some migratory animals lose their routes. There is not thought about the magnetic terrestrial field that responds to the disturbances coming from the Sun, trough the interplanetary space. People do not think about special receptors to magnetic field changes in these animals’ brains. The man on the street does not think about the possibility of having similar receptors.
Men and women walking in the street die suddenly (because of a heart attack, for example). They think about their diseases but they do not imagine that anything apart from their daily life has influence on them.
The man on the streen continues his life without thinking about all of this... while other people is trying to find the explanation (http://www.ann-geophys.net/29/1113/2011/angeo-29-1113-2011.html).

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