20 jun. 2011

The music of the Sun, a new musical hit?

In the antiquity people used to believe that the Sun was turning around the Earth. They though that this was the cause of days and nights in our Earth. Nowadays we know that it is the Earth and the other planets, which actually turn around the Sun.
In the antiquity people also believed in the existence of a celestial and wonderful music played by the planets and the spheres made of ether in our universe. Nowadays we know that that old substance named ether does not exist and that the universe actually is constituted of a matter named plasma. But what about the music? Does it exist or not?

Since the 20th century the scientists have established that the Sun, in fact, vibrates. The vibrations come from movements in its interior that travel along its layer until reach the solar atmosphere and the interplanetary medium. These vibrations are registered and studied to help to explain the physics of the Sun, e.g. the change of temperature along the interior and the solar atmosphere.

Now, imagine that you record those vibrations as you usually make it with the terrestrial sounds. Then you put them together and put them in a human range of audition to be able to hear it. Well, this was made by a research group in the University of Sheffield and this was their recording.

Do you like it?... Well everybody can like it or not but this song will be part of a new album of the American jazz musician Tom Harrel ‘The time of the Sun’…

Could it be a hit?
After all, the Sun is our star. Is not it?

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