31 dic. 2011

The imminent change of the time.

It has been a year since the snow came.

Those little star-shaped fractals that fall in your hand and disappear being fairly visible to your eyes. The obsession for the work, the dead lines and the surprises that change the way of your life as inelastic collisions in a pool game. How much momentum is left in that white ball?

The island covered by clouds is still calm, waiting with its red brick houses and the green of its almost perfect green grass.
Spring has also passed with its birds transmitting their songs by longitudinal waves mixed with the azaleas’ aroma smelling like shampoo.

Before walking though the Castilian fields, I didn’t know about the azaleas tree resembling foam of the sea and the end of the sun’s infrared radiation above our heads and our mind.

So many things have passed there like the shadows of another life, a life that decided to be away and lost as the candle image through thin optical lens; a life that left us as well and changed our summer way to warmer lands.

Summer has also passed involved in surprises accumulated as particles attracted by acrylic. The electric static sometimes is calm and sometimes noise predicting hope for the future.

The time ran so fast that brought an autumn with dry leaves in dry and forgotten streets.
Celebrations have passed among colored glass, writing and memories. Here you can eat better but people have forgotten other things.

Winter has come again, this time without snow, this time in a warm city with greenhouse effect; everybody things that this is due to global climatic change…and almost immediately, the end of the year.

What is waiting for everybody with the imminent change of the time? Seasons due to the Earth’s axis inclination, surprises hidden by the future in the haze of another country where clovers growing in the mountains.

How many clovers of four leaves are there?

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