23 abr. 2011

A polyhedron in the time

The world could not be more than a pale reflection of the human being idea in searching of perfect spheres. The world is maybe only a set of irregular polyhedra whose faces are strange and changing.

Internet is a parallel world growing without an order. Sometimes some voices appear, sometimes other voices become silent like candles in a mirror. Those candles from renaissance lamps lightning Italian paintings.

A polyhedron is a geometric solid of regular faces. There are five perfect solids named platonic. They are the tetrahedron formed by 4 equilateral triangles; the octahedron formed by 8 equilateral triangles; the icosahedron formed by 20 equilateral triangles; the dodecahedron formed by 12 pentagons; and the hexahedron (cube) formed by 6 squares.

Let us see then, up to where and until when this polyhedron rolls before having its edges disappeared and after losing their faces. Before becoming a sphere… to who somebody in the road tells it that its destination was rolling forever.

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