18 jul. 2011

What do you think when you listen the word Africa?

Maybe you think in a poor continent with poor color people living there. But few times, you think about white people’s situation. Maybe everybody think in them by listening about South Africa. But for most people white people of South Africa are British and you do not think in them as ‘Africans’.
Recently, I meet a girl from Zimbabwe. I though she was British because she has green eyes, blond hair, excellent English language accent and she lives in England. But not, she is Zimbabwean and told me how much she missed her country.
She talked to me about Zimbabwe. She said that white minority have suffered racism for 30 years. In general, Zimbabwean people are poor and everybody suffers and not all of them are racists. But some of them are extremely racists. Her grandparents were British but her parents were Zimbabwean as she proudly is. But after a life full of racism against her family, she told me that they decided to leave the country to ask for refuge in Wales.
In Zimbabwe, white people are killed because some people hate them. Maybe this behavior is due to old time’s colonization. She told me about a white farmer that was tortured for 18 hours before he was shot in his head.
Now she is an African trying to survive in other country. She told me that she envied the Mexican visa because Mexicans can travel around all Europe. But she has to pay large amounts of money to ask for permission to travel to other country. I wrongly though this situation only happened to Chinese and Colombian people.
She told me that Mexico was beautiful. She knew Veracruz and the Mexican South East. We talked then about Ciudad Juárez and Mexican drugs traffic mafia. We did not understand why people remain living in dangerous cities waiting to be killed.
She told me that before the 80s, Zimbabwe produced grains and the economy of the country was based in agriculture. Nowadays, they do not produce anything. There is not tourism. People simply do not want to travel there.
Sadly she added that her country’s situation changed in few years.
‘It costs so few time to ruin a country’ she added finally.

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