3 jul. 2011

Teachers and Apples

Sitting in a garden bench of the Faculty, in front of an apple of pale color, she decided to take out her paintbrushes and paintings. At the mercy of her hands, the fruit began to take a more attractive tint, a red color that her inspired mind tinted of new life. 

While that fruit was decorated by her hands, she remembered the first days of primary school when her teacher taught her to write the word ‘apple’. Without a doubt, it was a logical consequence of learning the letters by filling a lot of notebook pages with every ‘a’, ‘p’, ‘l’ and ‘e’ letters.
In ecology lectures she learned that the apple is the fruit of the apple tree that belongs to the ecosystem of pluvial forest. Years later, during her biology course, she was taught that the scientific name of the tree is ‘domestic malus’ and that it belongs to the family of the rosaceae.
Apple is a common fruit. However its origin is unknown. Its cultivation possibly was originated more than 15000 years ago in some place of Asia. Since then, the fruit has traveled around the whole planet. Her geography teacher taught her that the countries with more production in apples have been China and United States, while in Latin-America, Chile, Mexico and Brazil are the top ones. 
She learned the first numbers in a mathematics lecture by counting apples. The physics teacher used to talk about the young Newton's and the falling apple legend. Now when she rests under an apple tree, she remembers that stuff about the law of universal gravitation. 
In Greek Latin etymologies she heard the legend of Paris granting the apple beauty symbol to Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess in the Greek culture.
The apple was almost ready. Only some polish was needed to make it tempting to be eaten. But she would have to wait until the paint of the fruit to be dried.
While she waited, she meditated that the apples had stayed in the stairways of the fame and the misfortune during their history. Everything began with Eve pulling the fruit up of the tree of the knowledge, to be given to Adam. Studying the infantile stories in literature lectures, she met with the famous apple of Snow-white. Even during art’s lectures, she knew a painter who was obsessed with apples painting.
Her history teacher used to tell them about the history of last centuries’ teachers who earned very low salaries, mostly formed by food provisions. For that reason, many people used to give them apples as an expression of gratitude.
In computing classes, she used to learn the new technologies wonderful by using her Apple computer. And even in music lectures, she used to remember apples by looking the Beatles White Album.
It was time to shine the fruit. The red-yellow apple was becoming lustrous, beautiful and attractive. Symbol of the knowledge, of the obsession and the beauty, a fruit of perfumed aroma, cultivated during days and altered with dedication in a garden bench… The same thing had happened with her brain, after learning from teachers of diverse subjects. Today she remembered them grateful while she tried the sweet flavor of the fruit. It seemed to be bitter at the beginning but has developed the best flavor with the pass of the years.

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