25 feb. 2016

Mad about polyhedra III

In this virtual or real world, there are so many people and so many stories.

A certain day, the artist Dan Sternof decided to discover a wood dodecahedron inside a tree trunk in front of his house. When the winter had come, he decided to leave snow dodecahedra to improve the city landscape!

What about Chris Lomont? He waited until his wife went for holidays with her friends for the weekend... an then, he build the polyhedron of his dreams!

Or what about the original artist of the picture that spent hundreds of dollars in wood to build a star polyhedron… of his size!

And what would happen to a beach without a polyhedron tent like Spiky built by Rob Bell?

Well, talking about polyhedra, any polyhedron lover would be jealous of the truncated cuboctahedron designed by Manuel Villa, what do you think?

And also a polyhedron addict would put in the holidays schedule a visit to the Minsk rombicuboctahedric library in Belarus, right?

Do you know more stories? Maybe yours?

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