7 nov. 2014

Mad about polyhedra II

In the childhood we learn about some simple 3D geometric figures like de pyramids and prisms. Even most of us build our own polyhedron shapes for homework in the primary school. However with the time, most of the people forget the existence of polyhedra. But it happens that one day in certain moment due to a strange cause you will find again a polyhedron and you will not let it go.
This situation happened to the chemist engineer Henry Chasey who decided to build its own fantastic polyhedra after seeing the Kepler’s platonic model in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos tv program. Therefore, since the 1980’s, Chasey built a huge collection of melted acrylic polyhedra.


The same happened to the father Magnus Wenninger who dedicated his life to religious activities and to buid paper models of polyhedra.

But nowadays, George Hart is maybe the most polyhedron-addict in the world. He devoted his life to build polyhedral of many materials in several innovative creations that reaches the most wonderful imagination.

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