14 mar. 2013

Resting a little bit

I went down to the living room using those pink stairs that resemble stones. There was nobody in the house. Like those years when the family used to go out… to buy something, to eat in some place or only to go because they wanted to leave.

In the living room the red furniture and a little light ray through the curtains.

The silence was deep: one of those silences that divides the exterior world from the world of the house, one of those silences that stop the time and let the life to be different from the rest of the days… at least for sometime.

In the painting of the living room: a landscape with a river. A pair of snowed mountains at the back and a river flowing over the rocks.

Since I was a little girl I wished to enter in it… at least for once.

That day I did it.

The sounds of the water were around the red sofa that was on the rocks.

There was not silence anymore.

The language of other not human living beings were mixed in a wonderful variety in my ears. Here the bird songs, there the bees buzz flying over the flowers and over there, the tree branches crushing at the rhythm of the wind.

People say that everything last for 90 minutes.

They say that there are four phases in that kind of situations. When your brain is alert, it thinks in alpha waves with a frequency between 8 and 13 Hertz. Then you begin to sleep and visions come to your eyes. Sometimes a train that travels through cities. You see them like flashes of images, like in a TV or and old film projector. Then your brain is enter to a calm state and your brain is behaving in theta waves between 4 and 7 Hertz. You are resting in that moment. Nevertheless, in those moments your brain doesn’t know what to do and decides to go and return from sigma waves between 11 and 16 Hz.

Finally you go to a deeper sleep in delta waves from 0.5 to 2 Hz.

Maybe for that reason I didn’t know how it was possible to enter in the painting. When I realized that I was there, the water was flowing through my hands and a soft wind was dispersing a forest scent around me.

People say that is REM dream when you believe to live in the real world. They say that it last around 20 minutes. It is a pity that it seems only seconds when you dream.

From the red sofa I saw the painting again.

The city noises were behind the window. How I wished to sleep again! However I thought that while that electromagnetic spectrum was passing in my brain during a dream, it was so wonderful that the brain could take a rest from life that is so hard sometimes.

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