26 ago. 2011

Late is never

The humanity's history is full with children and young prodigy. Mozart began to compose music from 5 years age. Galois inherited the humanity a world of new numbers (the complex numbers) little before his death at 20 years. Avicenna graduated from medical doctor at 18. Steven Spielberg began its career at 23 years old and Bill Gates was the richest man from the world at his 37 years old. They were some examples. 

It is common that several people could be discouraged when they turn to see around them and compare themselves with other people who reached their goals younger than them.
Then, most of the people think that some goal is not for them, they say ‘it is no longer for my age’. 
Other people, simply, do not give up.
They fight sometimes against what the destination would seem to have reserved for them.
The history is full of examples of tenacity at advanced age. Goethe wrote its top novel Fausto at 60 years old and Miguel Angel began the works from the Sixtin Chapel at 63. 

People could think that this is possible with intellectual work but what about sports for example?
Well, Oscar Swahn won an Olympic medal at the age of 72. Although much younger, other sportsmen and women do not give up their Olympic or World Champion dreams, even after reaching the 40s. At his 42, Roger Milla from Cameron ran as a demon during the 94 Soccer World Cup. And the Czech rower, Václav Chalupa, participated in Beijing Olympics at his 40 years old. 
And for those who want to put on a challenge, what do you think in running a marathon after 75 years old? The Japanese couple of Shigetsugu and Miyoko (83 and 78) have been the oldest couple in the history in running together a marathon (Japan, 2008). 
Recent stories also remind us that some people continue fighting even when they are not so young.

In 2007, the Californian Hazel Soares completed a 78 year-old dream when obtained her grade at 95 years old. Recently, maybe also she completed another dream, obtaining a master degree at her 98 years old.
Finally I would like to mention the case of the Australian blogger Olive Riley who seems to have the record of having been the oldest blogger at the age of 107 years! 
It is never late to do something. Don’t you think so? 

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