19 may. 2017

Famous people that studied science VI

Yes, more famous people related to science world!

Rowan Atkinson studied electric engineering in the Newcastle University in England and later he earned a Master degree at the Queen College. Yes, you know, the engineer Atkinson is the famous Mr. Bean!

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay in the sitcom Friends) earned a bachelor degree in biology by the Vassar College, New York. For many years she researched in head pains with his father but you know, she decided to follow an actrees career.

Glen Close lived in USA, Switzerland and Zaire during when she was child and young. Due to this cultural diversity maybe she decided to study anthropology in the William and Mary College at Virginia. Well, she earned a bachelor degree in theater and finally she decided to become in actress.

Cindy Crawford registered herself in the Northwestern University, in Illinois, with a scholarship to study chemistry engineer but… she was discovered and turned to be a top model instead.

Something similar happened to the Mexican actor Daniel Gimenez Cacho, famous for the movie The bad education. He started to study physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico but during his first years he changed his goals and started to study cinema in the same time as Alfonso Cuaron.

As you see, some people are interested in science related studies. Sometimes they do science and other career simultaneously and other ones leave science and became famous for other occupations… but the sad thing is what happen to those ones that want to be scientist and simply they can’t? This was the situation of Mr. T who was interested in mathematics at the same time that played American football. However, he was expelled from the University. Sorry Mr. T.

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