5 jul. 2014

Famous people that studied sciences IV

With the suggestions of our readers, we have added new famous people related with science:

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany and one of the most recognized woman of the planet, studied physics in the University of Leipzig. She obtained her PhD and worked in chemistry in the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry in Berlin. After this, she became a politician, you know.

Margaret Thatcher, known as the iron lady was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. But she also was a scientist before that. She studied chemistry in Oxford, focused in the X-ray crystallography under the supervising of Dorothy Hodgkin (a Chemistry Nobel prize).

Mike Jagger, the Rolling Stones leader, studied at the “London School of Economics” because he wished to be a journalist or politician. Well, he decided to be a musician instead, you know.

Ernesto Sabato, Argentinian author and painter was a scientist before. He earned a PhD in physics for the Universidad de la Plata.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian author and Literature Nobel Prize in 1970, was a scientist as well. He studied physics and mathematics in the university and after that, he devoted his life to history and literature.

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