30 sept. 2012

What people need?

What people need in a sad world?

You can see them walking in the street, doubtful, trying to avoid the puddles left by the rain.
You can see them thanking that the environment is not dry anymore but their faces are still sad.

There are some people, sometimes, in other parts of the world smiling. They see the sunrise feeling that life is more beautiful and when they see the color of the flowers they think that everything is all right.

Could it be that the color enters through the eyes and goes to a deeper part of the brain like a calm afternoon and a gold sea in the background?

Could it be that the bright of the sun change the pale faces and make them happier? That actually happens but I didn’t know it before.

When you see the sun day by day you forget it. Sometimes you wish not to see it. The dirty colors of the life darken the good colors (I really hope that bad colors are not able to enter in the brain).

What people need in a sad world then?

I think they need to laugh.

It is good that sometimes, some good people are around this world like the sun.
What do you think?

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