3 may. 2012


Do you think in the existence of the witches?

Well, believe me, they exist! 

In the childhood you believe in goblins, witches and ghosts. Fortunately you also believe in fairies and fantasy lands.

When growing and become an adult, you leave behind everything of those believes. You convince yourself (or somebody convinces you) that thoughts like these are fruit of an immature and infantile mind. The children are allowed to think in these things but as an adult if you to believe in foolishness you are believed to be crazy. 

In summary, you do not allow yourself to convince easily of foolishness and the stories of witches are foolishness. 

Being adult your thoughts are focused in pursuing the money and the power as if they were divine. And to look for an appearance that you can show in front of the other people. You want to acquire and to buy things to feel happy. 

Well, that is adult's life! 

And everything would go well if, first: it was not so difficult to get all those things. And second: if those things really would make you happy. 

In the way to search for happiness or for things that could make you happy, you could fell. Some people stay sad for a long time while some other get up and try again. People in the world are not always good with you, but there are people that are especially bad. 

And that is may be the probe that the witches, sorcerers, monsters and other horrible beings exist. 

The fact is that I think that I already saw a couple of witches.

One of them was a long hair blond with a face without expression like the dolls. The first time that I saw her, I thought that she resembled the witches of the stories…

The other one always invites people to eat sweets to her house… 

I did not see the first one until she became powerful. She was sweet as a mellow character of television… 

The second one only talk a little to people but she continued inviting them to eat sweet and even pastries… 

I saw the first one to explode once closely and the other time from the distance… 

The second one used to eat the feelings of people as well…

I have not seen the two of them for a long time.

Some say that the first one is bipolar (a doubly cold woman!) and that the second one is radical and squared (so mathematical woman!).  

I am sure that they both were witches.

The first one appearance always reminded me a witch while the second one reminded me that witch of Hansel and Gretel. 

I do not know if you have met with something similar in your life but the existence of witches, monsters and other things like that is the certain … then fantasy lands should also exist. Should not they? 

It will be necessary to be patient to find the probe.

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