31 mar. 2012

Famous people that studied sciences and mathematics II

In this time, let us see some politicians related with science during their life:
Corazón Aquino was a mathematician and first woman in being president of her country, Philipines.

Alberto Fujimori was president in Peru and also a physicist and a mathematician.

Luis Enrique Erro, a Mexican politician was interested in astronomy until the point to found the Institute of Astrophysics in Puebla and the Mexican Mathematical Society.

Leon Trotsky began studies in mathematics but preferred to follow a career as a social fighter until he was murdered in his house in Mexico.

Due to the lack of teachers in Oaxaca during the XIX century, a later on Mexican president Benito Juárez was the mathematics teacher in the village.

Newton is known as English physicist and mathematician but he was a politician as well during the end of his life. He was also an alchemist.

Albert Einstein, famous physicist could be the first president of Israel but he rejected the proposal.

History is full of scientist whose first activity was not science but politics and law. Fourier, Laplace, Borel and Bertrand Russell are remembered by their research in optics, vector calculus, pure mathematics and philosophy but less related with their activities as French revolutionary, Napoleon adviser, French Army minister and part of the English Democratic Party, respectively.

It is a shame that most politicians are far away from science nowadays. If they begin to be interested in physics, mathematics, biology, etcetera, maybe the taxes could be dedicated to education and research.

What is your opinion?

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