26 oct. 2011

Famous people that studied sciences and mathematis I

Some uncommon people not necessarily associated with science were actually interested in science subjects during their life. Some of them even obtained master degrees and PhDs. Moreover some of them work in science and art as parallel activities!

Let us see some examples:

Do you remember Winnie from The Wonderful Years series? She was played by the actress Danica McKellar who is also a mathematician who besides participating in TV series, also gives talks and writes books about mathematics.

Art Garfunkel (from Simon and Garfunkel) was given a master degree in mathematics by the University of Columbia before deciding to continue his musical career.

Gen Simmons was a mathematics teacher before being singer and bass of Kiss.

Brian May (from Queen) studied physics and astronomy at the Imperial College during the 60s. Recently, the nostalgic May concluded his PhD in astrophysics after a long trajectory as a musician.

Roger Meddows-Taylor (from Queen) studied biology in the London Polytechnic.

John Deacon (from Queen) studied electronics at the end of the 60s. However, he preferred to follow a musical trajectory.

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