19 oct. 2016

Powers of 10

I always thought to write this post when the visits of my blog in Spanish arise to 100,000. Today I opened it and had 101,365 visits in the Spanish versión and 18,396 in the English version, a total of more than 105 and 104 visits, each one. However the powers of 10 of this post don’t refer to the mathematical numbers but the people who have passed till here.

When I was in preschool, my group had about 15 children, only 101 or more exactly 1.5x101 kids in the school. Mi preschool and my primary school had about 200 and 900 students, respectively (2x102 y 9x102 in powers of 10). In high school and the university, the powers of 10 were increased a lot. There was a total of 2x103 and 1x105 in each institution. Of course that my high school was small and many of us have known each other. On the other hand, my university campus was very big and the total of students was very high. In my faculty, the Sciences Faculty, the number of students was less than 5x103 and that thanks to the biologists and actuaries that contributed mainly to the number nor the physicists and mathematicians that were too few. Till the moment that I graduated from the university, I have seen about 8,100 (8.1x102) students plus the people around me as my family, friends, neighbors, etc. I could think in a total of about 20,000 people in my life (2x104).

Internet began around the 1990’s and grew quickly at the beginning of the XXI century. From the existence of the World Wide Web, the interaction with people became digital, very different to other interactions in the human history. By 2007 I liked a lot to visit YouTube. In those visits I found some special people: a teacher from the Southeast part of Mexico with videos about poetry, a video illustrated with images for a song and a personal thought in it (with very few visits), a guy who uploaded a video of a summary of classical master pieces. In those visits I thanked those people to share their material. I don’t know how many videos and users I have seen in my life but YouTube has about 109 videos and a similar power of 10 of the channel’s number. It is said that about 3x102 hours of video are uploaded each minute.

By 2010, my husband suggested me to open my blog and write about everything that I wanted to write. Definitively I loved it because I love writing. So the faces of a polyhedron are here for every person that wants to read them. In that time, I started to read other blogs as well and beautiful digital surprises aroused: a space of poetic reflections and a compilation of math and cooking as examples of them. This digital world seems to have no end. A total of 107 blogs are registered for each year. Some of them last few months, some others last for many years. Fortunately, I am very close to the first power of 10 with 6 years of existence for the Spanish version and 5 years for the English version of my own blog.

In my blog I have seen wonderful surprises written in the comments. I know that people like to write or not but they come and that’s the important thing.

I enjoyed writing about The little prince and the infinite and Teachers and apples. I loved to remember The man on the street and sharing my feelings in Witches and Resting a little bit. I adored to write Mad about polyhedra and Famous people thatstudied sciences series as well as Astronomical games and Counting numbers. I want to continue with Mad about time series too when time allows me to do the corresponding research as well as with other series that are now available only in Spanish.

Till today there are 5.4x101 entries in the Spanish versión and y 3.8x101 in the English version.

I know that the polyhedron has enough energy to continue so you can read these stories.

Among all the possible and incredible powers of 10 of information in internet… thanks to you for having reached to this place!

¡ Felices 1.01365x105 !

and happy 1.8396 x104 !

and the visits that continue coming to here.

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