6 ene. 2013

The three wise men (the three kings)

They were wise men from East, the Bible said. But nobody knows how many they were or how they were. For many centuries, people have thought in three kings because in they appeared like that in paintings. Some years later, they appeared as men with beard. Sometimes they appeared old, sometimes younger. Nowadays they are three: a blond man, a tan man and a color man who have a horse, a camel and an elephant, respectively. They follow the Bethlehem star where Jesus was born. But how could be they today?

The present world is a weird mixture of wonderful things and sadness. The human being can see many advances in technology, welfare and information as never before. However, people work all day of every day to try to get money for being able to satisfy their needs. Children belong to a generation (I don’t know the actual name) in which they receive material things instead of the time of their parents.

The wise men are not like that. They are magic beings; I spoke to the children that I know. They try to look beyond of what seem obvious because they remember past times with bright in the Christmas tree that made them feel good. They remembered the night before Christmas (or the night before Epiphany in Spanish speaking countries) thinking in gifts and trips before the arrival of a magic being.

I think that the kings were wise men indeed. Maybe astronomers o mathematicians, or maybe physicist or geographers who calculated the right trajectory to follow the Bethlehem star. Surely they had knowledge about biology, chemistry, geology, agronomy and languages, to be able to finish their trip successfully with all their helpers.

In our days, some people (that is not a child any more) don’t believe in fantasy. They usually say that fairies, goblins, Saint Claus, the three wise men among others are not real. Well, people can believe whatever they want but I think that there is a problem when they decide to shout these thoughts to other people. Do you believe that they are afraid of believe in real magic in the world?

From the past to today, it is for sure that wise men have gone with the same evolution of the history. If they were wisemen from the East, today they surely are astrophysicists, astronauts, biologists, physicists, engineers… all but not that kind of adults who deny the possibility of magic despite of being able to see the pictures of galaxies, movies with wonderful special effects or internet.

Magic exists.

But you have to turn a hard heart to a soft one in order to see it.
It exists and it is only waiting to have the opportunity to enter to your life…

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